Gladiator Games

Gladiator Games

£12 Early bird tickets on sale for Gladiator Games
8-16 August, Guildhall Yard

In this game of titans, life and death is in your hands. See battle commence on the site of London’s only Roman amphitheatre, hear the crowd roar and steel clash as you choose which warriors walk free.

In this live action summer spectacular, we take you back to Roman Londinium with an epic re-enactment of London’s gladiatorial games. Performers take to the stage for battle, an Emperor presides and the crowd picks its side.

Westeros has nothing on Londinium.

Show times
Evenings: 10 & 14 Aug, 7-8pm
Weekends: 8, 9, 15 & 16 Aug, 12-1pm & 3-4pm

Step into Londinium with pre-show entertainment in the Guildhall Yard from an hour before each show.

Gladiators provided by Britannia.

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