The Barbican Library often has interesting art on show, and this exhibition is no exception. Taking as its title “All of London Life is There”, a famous quote from Ben Jonson’s ‘Bartholomew Fair’, an exhibition of 70 or so paintings present today’s London in all its fascinating variety.

One of the paintings by a member of the Group – Royal Courts of Justice – Ink and Watercolour by John Crane  £220

Passing like a thread between the artworks are famous quotes about London, not all of them complimentary, but all honest. This neatly links the work on the walls with the works on the bookshelves.

Drawing London Group are clearly a lively bunch of artists judging by their work.  They have captured today’s London – its streets, cafes, bars, theatres, rivers, canals and barges with a panache that is a pleasure to view.

“All of London Life is There” is a most appropriate title for their latest exhibition. This shows work in oil, watercolour, ink, pencil, charcoal, and print by 18 different artists and it is all for sale. Not only can you appreciate the work, but also see how it is made with demonstrations every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in portraiture, pencil drawing, watercolour, collage and iPad drawing (see website for details).

Most of the 18 artists in the group meet up every month in different parts of London. The variety of venues is a testament to the fascination of our city. From Westminster to Walthamstow, South Bank to Soho, Covent Garden to Canary Wharf, these artists discover and compose scenes of London life that capture the excitement of this great city.

We all like to watch artists at work, and here is the opportunity to see the artists demonstrating their technique. Afterwards, you can enjoy, and perhaps even get to own, a piece of their work.  Sketchbooks of the artists are also on display.

This Barbican Library exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to get inside the minds of these artists. Watch them work, look into their sketchbooks, admire their final work – and maybe buy?

Original paintings, drawings and prints by Drawing London Group at Barbican Library, Silk Street EC2Y until 22 December. Open Mon Wed 9:30-5:30; Tues Thurs 9:30-7:30; Fri 9:30-2:00; Sat 9:30-4:00. Demonstrations Tues, Thurs, Sat 1-3pm. Free entry.  All work is for sale.

Online catalogue: or #drawinglondongroup on Instagram