Barbican Life is the magazine for London’s premier ‘urban village’. Not only are copies delivered to ALL the Barbican’s 4,000+ residents, but also a substantial number of additional copies are available from Estate Agents specializing in sales of Barbican properties. These will be made available to new and prospective purchasers to give them an idea of what it is like to live in the City of London’s prime residential and cultural complex, increasing the overall circulation. Copies are also mailed to all absentee landlords and are available in the Barbican and Guildhall Libraries. Circulation is around 2,800 copies to one of the United Kingdom’s largest concentrations of high earning residences.  Circulation may be small, but it is highly focused into one of the highest earning postcodes (EC2Y) in the country.

Barbican Life is a high quality, A4 glossy publication, produced professionally and published quarterly. For advertisers, Barbican Life is a prime marketing resource for goods and services due to the huge buying power of residents in the complex. Editorial articles focus on the unique lifestyle of Barbican residents and the facilities and associations available within the complex and in the surrounding area, as well as more general articles written by local authors.  The magazine is thus very much Barbican centric and thus commands extremely loyal readership by the residents of the Complex as well as from others in the area.

Regular sections review local restaurants, preview forthcoming theatre productions, give updates on the Barbican property market, cover what is coming up in the local arts scene, give advice on personal finance and investment, give pointers to ways of maintaining fitness and health and cover Barbican-related news and business activities.


The quarterly magazine includes the regular Barbican Flatwatch section which looks at what is happening to property sales and lettings values in and around the Barbican.  Not only is this of enormous interest to residents, many of whom are now finding themselves paper millionaires due to the enormous appreciation in value of their apartments over the past few years, but with all the major estate agencies specialising in Barbican property sales and rentals advertising in the magazine it is a prime source of information for those seeking to buy in the complex.


Ever since the magazine’s inception in March 2004 there has been a Restaurant Review section which has covered, in its time, most restaurants in and around the Barbican and ideally those within walking distance of the complex.  Restaurateurs, and their marketing companies, have found Barbican life reviews invaluable in attracting Barbican residents to their establishments – particularly now that many are choosing to open over the weekends as well as during the week.


The website provides another option for readers to view what is going on in and around the Barbican.  It includes general information on the Barbican Estate, a regularly updated news section covering relevant events and other local news, republication of many of the major articles from the magazine and also includes all the restaurant reviews which mostly appear on the website before they are published in the magazine.  With twitter and facebook access readers from around London, and much further afield, are guided into relevant features appearing on the website.


Our advertisers in the magazine and on the website are extremely loyal.  For example just under 50% of the advertisers in the very first issue of Barbican Life have been with us in EVERY issue since then and many more have maintained advertising with us in virtually every issue since they first advertised.  The Barbican provides an excellent market for goods and services relevant to residents.  Full details of our advertisement rates are available on the website.


Barbican Life includes a Discount Scheme section whereby local businesses and services may offer discounts to Barbican Association members who purchase from them.  There is no charge for the Discount Scheme over and above the cost to the advertiser of the discount itself.