Barbican Life is the magazine for London’s premier ‘urban village’. Not only are copies delivered to ALL the Barbican’s 4-5,000 residents in more than 2,000 apartments, but also a substantial number of additional copies are available to Estate Agents specialising in sales of Barbican properties. These will be made available to new and prospective purchasers to give them an idea of what it is like to live in the City of London’s prime residential and cultural complex, increasing the overall circulation. Copies are also mailed to all absentee landlords and are available in the Barbican and Guildhall Libraries. Circulation is around 2,700 copies to one of the United Kingdom’s largest concentrations of high earning residences.

As a guide to value of advertising in the magazine, over half the companies which placed advertising in the very first edition of Barbican Life in March 2004, have advertised in EVERY SINGLE ISSUE SINCE and most of our current advertisers have been with us for multiple issues too.

Barbican Life is a high quality, A4 glossy publication, produced professionally and published quarterly. For advertisers, Barbican Life is a prime marketing resource for goods and services due to the huge buying power of residents in the complex. Editorial articles focus on the unique lifestyle of Barbican residents and the facilities and associations available within the complex and in the surrounding area, as well as more general articles written by local authors.


Size Type areas            (Depth x width – mm)               Price 1x         Price 4x

*Double page                             254 x 380                          £1,320              £1,195

*Full page                                  254 x 178                              £745               £ 715

Half page                                 124 x 178 or 254 x 86             £430               £ 400

One third page                          254 x 57 or 124 x 118            £300               £ 275

Quarter page                             124 x 86                                £220                £ 195

One sixth page                          124 x 57                                £170                £ 150

One eighth page                         60 x 86                                  £ 95                £  90

Special positions:

*Back Cover 307 x 215 (bleed only) £ 830

*Inside Front Cover 307 x 215 (bleed only) £ 825

*Inside Back Cover 307 x 215 (bleed only) £ 765

· *Bleed advertisement sizes: DPS: 307 x 430. Page: 307 x 220

All above prices include colour. No agency commission payable.  Agencies should gross up rates to clients accordingly.

Advertisement specifications: 300 dpi cmyk pdf files required. Magazine Trim size is 297 mm high x 210 mm wide. the bleed size is  307 x 220.

Loose Inserts – £350


Boxed advertisements (80mm deep x 57mm wide) – £55. Double box (80mm deep x 120 mm wide) – £95 Lineage advertisements £4.00 per line or part line (approximately 6 words per line). [Up to twelve lines (around 80 words) free to members of the Barbican Association.]  Paid classified advertisements only accepted with prepayment.

Restaurant/Bar/Pub Listing, Health and Beauty Listings and Services Listing Sections: Standard size 60mm deep x 86mm wide for illustration plus similarly-sized text box alongside which can accommodate up to 100 words and will run within, or adjacent to, our regular restaurants editorial coverage – £90.  We have now introduced these low cost Restaurant/Bar/Pub advertising, Health and Beauty Services and Local Services advertising sections which will be placed within, or adjacent to our regular restaurant editorial reviews, our Health and the City and the Area News review sections in the magazine respectively. There will be space for four establishments per page. Each listing will have a 60mm deep x 86mm wide boxed artwork or appropriate photograph and a similarly-sized boxed space for text alongside (up to around 100 words) within which you are free to promote your restaurant or service and any current special offers. As noted above, the cost is £90 per listing. This is fantastic value at less than half the price of a current quarter page display advertisement and would be perfect for any special promotions, or to just regularly keep your establishment in the consciousness of readers.  Text may be altered for each issue to highlight any changes or current offers. The cost comes down to only £80 per issue for prepayment for four issues (i.e. £320 for a full year’s advertising.)

Further details and orders – Helen Hudson, 34 John Trundle Court, Barbican, London EC2Y 8DJ – Mobile: 078 42 23 52 68.  Email:  .or. contact Stephanie Ross – 07753 603 601, email –

Payment cheques should be made payable to The Barbican Association