Jazz Singer Nishla Smith performs at 1pm at The Great Hall, Barts Heritage. This concert will have an in-person audience, following all social-distancing guidelines in place at the time of the event. The concert will also be filmed and broadcast.


‘Moments’ is a three-part conceptual concert programme from imaginative song-interpreters Nishla Smith and Tom Harris.

Over the course of three May 2021 concerts, they’ll tell a continuing story, shifting perspective from show to show, weaving together beloved songs and original music with new poetry, stories, and musical interludes.

In this concert, Part 2: The Lark, presented at St Bart’s Great Hall as part of City Music Foundation’s lunchtime concerts series, they’ll pick up the story from the perspective of a bird flying high above mountains, forests and lakes. As she soars, she tells stories of creatures that inhabit the world of birds, and reflecting on her sightings of people down below, until, as the dawn approaches, she alights in a garden. Featuring a diverse programme from jazz standards, through musical theatre and reworking of art songs, together they will paint an enchanting vision of a fantasy world.