B&H Kitchen is a brand new cookery school from Bourne & Hollingsworth Group, opening in January 2016. Run by the group’s dynamic new executive chef, Adam Gray, B&H Kitchen will guide Londoner’s through expert techniques, seasonal recipes and ingredient knowledge, all in a beautifully designed space in Clerkenwell.

Situated at the very top of Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings, just off Exmouth Market, the space will reflect the group’s innovative fair and focus on design. Featuring six catering stations, a demonstration bench and a communal dining table, the kitchen has been equipped with the latest kitchenware and technology.

Exterior view of the Bourne & Hollingsworth bar/restaurant close to Exmouth Market

Exterior view of the Bourne & Hollingsworth bar/restaurant close to Exmouth Market

Focusing on quality seasonal produce and teaching both classics and specialised techniques, the courses range from knife skills and butchery to sausage making and seasonal vegetables. Hosted by Adam Gray (Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons, Rhodes Twenty Four, Skylon) and his Head Chef Anthony Horn, the classes will take place thrice weekly and accommodate up to  twelve  participants. They have been designed to reflect Bourne & Hollingsworth’s distinctive modern British style and students will learn to execute both basic dishes and celebratory meals for special occasions.

The B&H Kitchen course schedule will include the following:

  • Knife Skills: (Short  Course) Participants will learn about each knife’s uses as well as being taught how to sharpen a  knife properly. At the end of the class, they will cut and chop like a trained chef
  • Fish Filleting and Cooking: While learning the healthy properties of and the difference between white & oily fish,  participants will be taught how to scale, skin, fillet and marinade round and flat fish
  • Bread No.1: Participants will learn the basic making of white and brown bread dough and progress to creating a fruit loaf
  • Specialty Bread No.  2: An  advanced  course  focusing  on  enriched  dough,  specialty  flavoured  breads  and  cutting and shaping various artisan bread rolls
  • Sausage Making: A course  on  the  construction  of  the  perfect  sausage that  focuses  on  the  ingredients  that go into a high quality sausage meat of various flavours and styles
  • Butchery – Meat & Poultry: Participants will be trained how to bone out various joints of meat and how to prepare  poultry efficiently
  • Game: This course will cover an education on the game season and offer the opportunity to prepare and cook various classic and modern game dishes
  • Vegetables – Seasonal and  British  (Short  Course):An  introduction  to  buying  and  using  seasonal  vegetables,  specifically  from  B&H’s  supplier at New Covent Garden Market. Additionally, partakers will be shown how to  produce vegetable dishes that stand alone from meat or fish heavy meals
  • How to cook  the  perfect  steak: Participants will be taught the various cuts and what to look out for when purchasing  quality beef before learning to cook steak perfectly.

As well as  the  cookery  courses,  B&H  Kitchen will include  pairing  sessions  of  food, wine and  Bourne  &  Hollingsworth’s  famous  cocktails.  The  room  will  also  be  used  as  a  Chef’s  Table  complete with private chef and bartender – perfect for private parties.  Prices available on application.