An attractive display on a Defoe House balcony

An attractive display on a Defoe House balcony

Blooming Barbican Balconies

A date for your diary! Saturday 11th April 10.30 to 3.00

Please come and join your neighbours for a morning of demonstrations of balcony planting for the beginner. Friends of City Gardens as well as our own City of London Open Spaces team, will all be on hand to offer advice and assistance.

Ahead of this planting day, get your balcony boxes ready to plant up. Horticultural advice is that soil should be replaced approximately every 5 years. Disposal of the soil can be pretty onerous but is definitely worth the effort. To help you we’re providing skips  from Thursday 2 April to Friday 17 April, on Lauderdale Car Park ramp and Willoughby 01 car park ramp. Please see your nearby Car Park Concierge for access to trolleys to help with this job. The recommended soil in John Innes no. 3. which is very easy to source. The standard off-white oblong planter can be purchased from the BEO at £95. Please contact Sue Brooks on 020 7029 3965 if you need to order some.

We do understand that many people love to plant and garden but just cannot manage heavy work. Many of your neighbours are happy to help with the heavy lifting so please call Helen Davinson on 0207 029 3963 if you need assistance. Conversely, if you’ve got lots of energy, are handy with a spade, and would be happy to help a neighbour, then please also get in touch with Helen Davinson. Of course if the issue is that you just don’t have the time, there are plenty of companies out there who’ll replace the soil and plant you boxes up for you.

As an added bonus, the City is donating soil and plants to help encourage residents to plant up their balcony boxes. More details of this will follow soon.

Additionally, our 2 local shops Barbican Fruiters on Goswell Rd and Geranium on Lauderdale Place both stock soil and plants and are happy to take pre-orders and offer advice.

John at Barbican Fruiters 0207 253 2190

Marianna at Geranium 0207 628 5742

Now you’re all ready for the fun part!