Brighton’s cult ‘wavey’ artist comes to London for her debut show at The Book Club: WWWWaves 
(FREE ENTRY – running until Sept 1st)

Launching with a private view this Thursday 6th June, Brighton based artist Lois O’Hara brings her signature colourful waves to London with first solo exhibition at The Book Club in Shoreditch.  Inspired by Virginia Woolf’s book The Waves, the exhibition will see Lois paint fluid, dripping shapes and patterns directly onto the ceiling, walls and floor, also using the flowing prose from Woolf’s iconic novel. There will also be prints displayed on the walls and for sale. She’ll also be collaborating with the Art of Ping Pong in re-designing The Book Club’s ping pong room, applying exclusive artworks to the custom-made ping pong table and interactive space, curated by Liat Chen and Algy Betan.  Lois’s visual narratives and patterns are playful, and she has a positive outlook on life; therefore, her artwork is influential and powerful. Lois is also passionate about how colour can have positive effects on people and places.

Lois describes how she took inspiration from Woolfs famous feminist novel: ‘The book breaks down boundaries between people, and Woolf herself states that the six were not meant to be separate “characters” at all, but rather facets of consciousness illuminating a sense of continuity. I am interested in recreating this flow visually by using vibrant colours that complement each other and wavey lines and shapes that all join together.’ Lois will also use her favourite quotes from the book in the exhibition, such as  “When we sit together, we melt into each other with phrases”, “The waves broke and spread their waters swiftly over the shore,” and “Happiness is in the quiet ordinary things”.