Dr. Boghani

Dr. Shahin Boghani has recently taken over the Barbican Dental Practice at No.1 Wallside from Dr. Michael Fisher who has owned and managed the Practice for many years.  Dr Fisher will continue working there also and to enhance his excellent care, the Practice has added an array of additional services, including dental implants and specialist gum disease treatments. Dr Boghani is a periodontist and gum disease specialist.

Barbican Dental has updated its website, which is designed to be more user friendly, and allows for appointments to be booked online.

Based within the Barbican Estate complex, the Practice aims to provide excellent private dental care and can look after your smile with minimal time away from your flat or desk.

The new easy to use online booking system means an appointment can be booked at a convenient time, wherever you are. Visit Barbican Dental online at barbicandental.com or telephone bookings may be made on 0207 638 8200.

Barbican Dental believes health care should be about preventing disease as well as treating it. Most dental disease is preventable and the Practice’s dentists can guide patients through the best advice to stop your smile fading. Barbican Dental benefits from an in house Periodontist (gum disease specialist). Over 50% of the adult population have some form of gum disease. But it is a painless and symptomless disease, and the first sign may be your teeth are loose. Early diagnosis and treatment can thus save your smile.

Barbican Dental will provide the full spectrum of dental treatments, from everyday fillings, to tooth whitening, dental implants and invisible braces. It also has an excellent hygienist who can keep your smile sparkling. A guide to fees can be found online on the website