Over the past month, the City of London Primary Academy Islington (COLPAI) team has been busy investigating and preparing the new schools site for soft strip and demolition, which it aims to commence around now. It has now completed the removal of asbestos from the site and is continuing to disconnect  to the site ahead of demolition.

The team thanks those who responded to the consultation on the hoarding colour. Several suggestions were made regarding different colours and the potential for artwork in the future was also raised. A colour for the hoardings was agreed with members of the Community Liaison Group, which meets on a monthly basis to discuss communications around the project and is formed by representatives from local groups. The undercoat was painted a week ago and the painting should now have been completed.

Following further works and inspection of the trees at the western boundary of the site, ISG has advised that trees will need to be removed. This is due to health and safety reasons during construction. The team is working with The Golden Baggers to mitigate the loss of the trees on a temporary and permanent basis.

There will continue to be continue to be regular updates about works on the site and any additional planning matters. For further information or to receive newsletters and updates via email, get in touch via the COLPAI website or contact the team via info@colpai-project.co.uk.