digSince the uncovering by Crossrail of the known Black Death victims from 1348 in Charterhouse there has been much interest in the site. Part of the interest and subsequent activity was the geo-physical survey of the Square by Keele University. As a result they have identified the potential remains of a building at a depth that suggests it could be from the same medieval period. Our records show that this could be the original Sir Walter de Many chapel erected for Monks to pray for the souls of the dead in the fourteenth century or a “meat kitchen” that the Monks from the monastery erected a century later. Or it could be nothing.

In conjunction with the Museum of London Archaeology, the Museum of London, Islington Council, BFK and Crossrail we are hosting our Community Dig from 18-25th of July to uncover the mysteries of this building – and you are invited to take part!

Family Days will be held on the weekend of the 24-25th of July, for children aged 5+. Our riveting lecture series can also be booked, and tours are offered for an additional cost.

If you’ve missed the chance to book one of our digging slots, we apologise! We are hosting a competition for a chance to participate in the coveted half-day dig, so hurry on over to our website and test your luck!

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