Family Fun at the Museum of London

Family Fun at the Museum of London

Saturday 23 October – Sunday 1 November 2015

Join us for crafts, storytelling and drama for families all about making do and mending through the ages.

Drop-in: Peg playmates
Sat 24 & Mon 26 Oct, 12.30-2pm & 2.30-4pm
Make your own peg doll playmate and discover how
children made do during the Second World War.
Suggested ages: 5+

Drop-in: Make do and mend posters
Mon 26 Oct & Sun 1 Nov, 12.30-2pm & 2.30-4pm
Make your own designs inspired by posters
from the Second World War using junk.
Suggested ages: 5+

Drop-in: Crafty card
Sun 25 & Tue 27 Oct, 12.30-2pm & 2.30-4pm
Discover the technique of card braiding,
and how families during the Second World War reused old
clothes to create wonderful new items for the home.
Suggested ages: 5+

Storytelling: Second World War sing-a-long
Tue 27 & Wed 28 Oct, 1-1.30pm, 2-2.30pm & 3-3.30pm
Explore the stories behind some of the most famous
songs of the Second World War and perform them.
Suggested ages: 5+

Drop-in: Pick a patch
Wed 28 & Sat 31 Oct, 12.30-2pm & 2.30-4pm
Grow a collaborative patchwork quilt and enjoy
a video of it from start to finish when you get home.
Suggested ages: 5+

Fabulous fabrics
Wed 28 Oct, 11-11.45am, 12-12.45pm & 2-2.45pm
Use recycled fabrics to create artworks together.
Suggested ages: 1-5
Tickets allocated on arrival, one adult per child

Storytelling: A child’s garden
Thu 29 & Sat 31 Oct, 1-1.30pm, 2-2.30pm & 3-3.30pm
A boy creates a flourishing garden in a barren world in the midst
of the Second World War.
Suggested ages: 5+

London’s landmarks recycled
Thu 29 & Fri 30 Oct, 12.30-2pm & 2.30-4pm
Think you know London’s landmarks? Explore these icons in this
recycled art workshop.
Suggested ages: 5+

Second World War playtime stories
Fri 30 Oct & Sun 1 Nov, 1-1.30pm, 2-2.30pm & 3-3.30pm
What did children play with during the Second World War?
Suggested ages: 5+