Walks with the Museum of London

Walks with the Museum of London

From ancient ruins to modern day facades, London is a city of many stories – put on your walking shoes and find out where a Museum of London walk will take you! There is a small covering charge (most are £10):

Public art and architecture in the City

15 Aug 3-4.30pm
As the museum considers its own building and environment, join us to explore how the City landscape transformed after the devastation of the Blitz, and how public art has become integral to this transformation.

Evolving City

Sat 23 Aug, Sat 13 Sep, Sun 19 Oct, 3-4.30pm
Discover the history and people of the City of London from Romans to Lord Mayors, historic buildings to modern architecture.

Blitz in the City

Sat 4 Oct, Sun 7 Dec, 3-4.30pm
The City of London was devastated during the Blitz of 1940/41. Join us to find out how the modern City arose from the flames.

Sherlock Holmes walking tour

Every Sat from 18 Oct – 20 Dec, 11am – 12.30pm
Starting at Baker Street, take int he sights and sounds of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Victorian London, as well as scenes you might recognise from TV and film!


Sat 27 Dec, 3-4.30pm
Take a stroll through medieval and Tudor Smithfield and explore scenes of executions, plague and bodysnatching!

Roman London

Sat 6 Sep, Sun 7 Dec, 3-4.30pm
Explore 400 years of Roman Londinium in a walk to the City’s Roman amphitheatre and back again.

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