The Chabrot Bistrot des Halles restaurant  in Long Lane is looking particularly deserted at the time of writing and, we wonder, is this the prelude to permanent closure, or perhaps resurrection under new ownership?  It sports a notice saying it is closed for staff holidays and internal clean-up, but with no re-opening date.  And, by all accounts, this shutdown was with no notice to customers and has already extended for far longer than any normal holiday shutdown might suggest.  There is also no advance booking availability on its website.  Indeed the whole Chabrot website has gone offline, although restaurant booking sites are still taking reservations for the highly regarded parent restaurant in Knightsbridge.

This offshoot of the very popular Chabrot Bistrot d’Amis has perhaps not proved to be a great success despite various changes in management.  It has been open for only just over a year replacing the St Julien restaurant before it which also perhaps never attracted the volume it deserved.  Chabrot Bistrot des Halles had attempted to boost attendance through a series of weekly jazz evenings which will be missed by those who attended them.  We’ll be keeping an eye on the venue to see what, if anything, progresses.  Being virtually right opposite one of the Farringdon Crossrail station exits, surely the location will ultimately prove to be a good one when this opens in 2018, but it looks increasingly that Chabrot management may not be prepared to wait that long