You must know by now that Gove has lifted the hold on London Wall West, paving the way for the controversial redevelopment to begin and disappointing those hoping for preservation. This comes mere weeks after the High Court deemed the UK’s net-zero strategy illegal, highlighting further breaches in local, London, and national policy. Our local government’s motto seems to be: ‘If you can’t solve it, build over it’. The redevelopment threatens post-war heritage and listed assets, overshadowed by new, massive buildings. Developers’ credible offers to retrofit the  buildings were ignored. Barbican Quarter Action vows to continue fighting this scheme, urging the City and UK Government to lead in climate action. Stay tuned. Help crowd-fund at

I still dread to think of all the lorries which will need to go through Thomas More car park during demolition, construction and final operation.

North of the Estate is another traffic nightmare pending; cranes and lorries during development of 45 Beech Street (174 co-living rooms) risk blocking the tunnel west to east for long periods of time.

While we lick our wounds on London Wall West and put our trust in Barbican Quarter Action to continue the fight, we have the summer party to look forward to in September where we can bond over cake and our shared complaints!

Have a wonderful summer!

The Barbican Life Team

Ducks on the Barbican Lake by Angus McNeill