Firstly, thank you to everyone who has been to one of our Lease Extension Information sessions.  We will continue these regularly to make sure that everyone has all the information they need to get them done in time.  The next one is on the 16th May so let us know if you want to attend.

This issue of Barbican Life is dripping with London Wall West news and opinions.  I’m sure we all look forward to speedy and successful conclusions on the debate over its future, but in the meantime we have a follow-up opinion piece from Terry Tricket on how the City might halve it’s development by taking the second tower online into the virtual world.  This is a fascinating proposal and would mean only one tower (replacing Bastion House).  As an architect himself and a Mountjoy resident, Terry will also suffer any construction work, but if his idea can get off the ground then the skyline might not be completely destroyed for Thomas More and Seddon.  In fairness, Barbican Quarter Action (BQA) have also written up their thoughts on Terry’s assumptions and opinions, so we can try to be BBC about things.  Thank you to the BQA team for working so quickly to provide us with that reply because the way timings worked this issue they only had a couple of days for a response.  We also have an exclusive from the Museum of London who have shared with us their first published status update.  It’s great to have some transparency there and we’ll keep updating readers as they progress.

City Carers Community are a group of locals who help to support Caregivers.  I joined one of their Zoom calls recently and it reminded me how many of us take a very active role in the lives of our vulnerable neighbours.  Just having a chat on a Zoom helps, whether just for company, shared experience, or with the more practical aspects of assistance from official services.  I believe we have more unacknowledged Carers than are currently officially recognised in the Barbican and there is help here when you need it.

Jacob Collett grew up here and writes about his early memories and his discovery of the world outside!  Thank you to all our regular contributors this issue and we have updates from all of them to ready you for spring.

Finally, in Alternative Voices we have a response to Fred Rodgers’ article where he reported on the disappointing planning meeting approval for the 1 Golden Lane application.  This approval angered many on the Estate; they couldn’t believe that Common Councillors living locally would support something that was so much against the wishes of the local residents.  In February a female Common Councillor resigned citing harassment, bullying and misogyny within the Court of Common Council, so our Councillors should be under scrutiny.  With 1 Golden Lane in focus, Michael Cassidy CBE takes a stand in support of the independence of common councillors.

Have a super spring!

The Barbican Life Team


Lease Extension Information Sessions

Next one 16th May.

Let us know if you are interested and we’ll send you invites (email  If you have questions and don’t enjoy Zoom or email, please contact us and we’ll share what we know to get you started.  Phone 078 42 23 52 68 or drop in a note with your contact details to 15 Defoe House and we’ll call you back.


We have a Common Council by-election for Cripplegate Ward coming up:

22nd Mar: Wardmote, 7pm at Frobisher Room 6, Level 4, Barbican Centre

23rd Mar: Polling day, 8am-8pm, Barber-Surgeons Hall, Monkwell Square and Sir Ralph Perring Centre, Golden Lane

Salvage Store Opening

Saturday 18th Mar 2pm to 4pm at level 03 below the south end of Willoughby House (access from the podium via the lift).