Men’s Sheds

Meet the Shedders (or ‘Succeeding with Men’ or ‘What’s in a Men’s Shed for you?’)

We are groups of mainly retired men who are opening workshops where we make and mend or follow hobbies together. In the last six months we have been opening more than two Men’s Sheds a week across the UK.

In our Sheds we do things for ourselves, our communities and to support the activities.  We learn from each other, mainly about how to do things but also about life. We are more active than we were, more engaged with our projects, we have more to talk about, more to contribute and more friends. We have benches and tools we never thought we would have.  We reuse materials and mend the broken, we make things we are proud of.  We are out of the house (not under our partner’s feet) and happier, better company and more helpful at home. We feel our health has improved. Mostly we organize this ourselves with help and donations from our communities.

If you are interested in men leading healthier, longer lives, or in community development or education there is something in a Men’s Shed for you.

Or if you want to learn a skill, get something made for your community or help someone in your family is there something in a Men’s Shed for you?

To find out more come and meet us, see what we have made and hear about this growing movement at 2.15pm Thursday 2nd July at The Indian YMCA, Fitzroy Square, W1T 6AQ

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