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When planning your move to the Barbican Estate it is advisable to contact the Car Park Attendant or Lobby Porter who can give advice on the following essential details:

Parking for your removal van

Most of the smaller blocks and Shakespeare Tower have limited height car parks, but there is usually street or forecourt parking close by that can be used.  If the van cannot be accommodated in the car park you can apply for special dispensation to park in the street.  A parking dispensation allows a vehicle to stand on a single yellow line (or in special cases on double yellow lines).  The daily charge for a dispensation is £36. There is a daily charge of £40 levied to requests approved with less than three working days’ notice.  If you want information on and to apply for a dispensation call the City on 020 7332 1548.  You must display the original dispensation on the vehicle at all times. You must not use a photocopied dispensation.

Height restrictions in car parks

Speak to the Car Park Attendant, Lobby Porter or contact the BEO Office.  They will know the height restrictions of all the car parks on the Estate:

Best Times

The times of day during which you can arrange for removals is not 24/7. Usually removals are allowed between 8am and sunset but best to (again) check with your Car Park Attendant, Lobby Porter or contact the BEO Office

Join up to the Recognised Tenants Association

The Barbican Association is the Recognised Tenants’ Association, representing all residents of the Barbican Estate.  There are many great reasons to be a member of the Barbican Association. Can we tempt you to join?

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