One more week of rehearsals and Murder in the Cathedral will open in Southwark before travelling to Oxford and Guildford.

Thet have sent us a glimpse of events over the last three weeks in the rehearsal room.

Do not forget to book your tickets now – see you in church!


As the amazing Jasper Britton starts work on the role of Becket, he experiences the initial loneliness of the Man of God … and of the lead actor!


Enter the Women of Canterbury
Faye Maughan, Anna Buckland & Clare Brice


Becket and his Priests
Surrounding Jasper Britton: Isaac Deayton, James Keningale, Jake Dove & Brent Bouldin


Then comes Tempation …
Rupert Bates as First Tempter 1


Pip Brignall as Second Tempter


David Keogh as Tempter 3


David Shelley as Tempter 4


… and Evil
The Knights arrive, the Priests and the Chorus protect Becket, the Director tries to orchestrate it all…


As the flock gather around their Archbishop…


… sordid work is at hand.


In WEEK 4, “What work... what wrong, shall have been done”?