Charterhouse Garden Tours

The Charterhouse gardens will be open as part of the National Garden Scheme on 5th June 2019 from 6.00-900pm.  Details will be up on our website in the New Year.

The gardens here at the Charterhouse transform from season to season – with the aim all year round of providing calm and a beautiful environment for the residents (known as Brothers) of the almshouse, originally established in 1611.  As Kate Robinson takes over, garden lovers can join her to discover each season’s variations, colours and textures, tap into her expertise, and hear her plans for future development.  Visitors on the tours will also be joined by one of the Brothers who will give a unique perspective on the history of the Charterhouse which has been a monastery, a Tudor mansion, a boys’ school and the almshouse it remains to this day – and whose ancient buildings form the stunning backdrop to the gardens.

This is a special opportunity to experience some exceptional ‘hidden gardens’ in the heart of London – a haven and sanctuary for over four centuries.