We have a new wellbeing centre in the City of London.

The new site, backed by £451,000 from the City of London Corporation, offers counselling and psychotherapy for workers in the Square Mile and those who live in or close to the City.

The centre, located on Middlesex Street in the east of the City, has been offering virtual services during the pandemic and will now open within government COVID-19 guidelines.

Sessions will be provided by staff from Tavistock Relationships, which has over 70 years of experience in working with people’s mental health concerns and relationship difficulties.

As a non-profit organisation, Tavistock Relationships makes its services accessible to everyone by providing therapy on the basis of what they can afford.

Although a paid for service, the centre will deliver subsidised mental health and well-being support for residents and workers on low incomes, improving access to treatments that are not available through the NHS.