The HAZ group of Restaurants has been something of a success story for Turkish-style cuisine in London and the group’s latest opening, its sixth, occupies the space in Finsbury Square’s Alphabeta building previously occupied by the rather shortlived branch of The Modern Pantry.

HAZ has built itself up based on the experience and passion of its three Turkish founders. Using fresh, local, seasonal ingredients, and taking great inspiration from its heritage and ancient Turkish cooking techniques, its aim has been to celebrate Mediterranean flavours and provide a true taste of the Turkish homeland.

In traditional Turkish fashion, the Haz concept is of a family meal. Diners are encouraged to select dishes that compliment and contrast the many flavours of the Med. With a wide selection of perfectly grilled meats, meze, salads and rice dishes, the menu can be tailored to share or be enjoyed individually.

Grilling is a speciality: it’s an art form that the restaurants reckon to have perfected over many years and its chefs continue to use ancient techniques to create a great combination of texture and flavour. HAZ bakes bread fresh, daily, and source its fruit and vegetables from local food markets.

With a revised and contemporary drinks menu, cocktails have been carefully concocted in conjunction with the food menu, with complimentary and contrasting flavours such as pomegranate and lime, and beetroot and mint. A carefully selected wine list includes many Turkish favourites, with a variety of whites, reds and sparkling wine from all around the world.

HAZ Finsbury Square is at 14 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1AH, Open 11.30 am to 11.30 pm, Web:, Reservations: 020 7920 9944