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NEW! Ozon Clean with OC1500.

We all realize how important the cleanliness of the living spaces we are in is. That is why we offer to use regular ozonation treatments to minimize the possibility of contracting a viral or bacterial disease to a significant extent, kills the mites, mould, gets rid of the germs. The ozonation treatment disinfects everything that is in the room, not just the air.

Industries that use Ozonation treatment.

–       Healthcare facilities

–       Ambulances, surgery rooms

–       Offices, flats and function rooms

–       Garbage storage areas

–       School, cinemas, theatres

Most common purpose to use Ozone treatment:

–       Kills mites, mould and removes mound odour

–       It kills most bacteria, pathogens and viruses

–       Leaves treated areas hygienically clean

–       Permanently  removed – cigarettes, cooking smells

Ozonation is the most effective way of disinfection.

Ozonation is a way of disinfecting without the use of chemicals where the biocidal agent is ozone gas with strong oxidizing properties, important ozone does not affect electronic equipment. Ozonation is a way of disinfection that kills all microorganisms, fungal spores of bacteria and viruses. Ozonation is a useful treatment, especially where we are staying for a longer period of the day and want to get rid of unpleasant deodorization odours and disinfect apartments. We especially recommend to allergy sufferers for whom it is so extremely important to stay in rooms free from mites fungi, bacteria and viruses The effect of the treatment is quick and refreshed with allergen-free air, you can enjoy already half an hours after the treatment complete. Ozon does not leave any traces. In addition, it has a very pleasant side effect along with mites, bacteria and viruses from the cleaned room, all unpleasant odours evaporate, Ozon merges with oxygen, and after about 30 minutes it breaks down and the room leaves oxygen alone. Therefore the household members are not exposed to any pesticides or other poisonous compounds that may become a new allergen.

– A special advantage of ozonation is the lack of the use of chemical substances and Ozon itself is the fast oxidizing gas, which guarantees that the space after the disinfection with Ozon is ready for use immediately right after airing.

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