Guildhall School’s pioneering BA (Hons) Performance & Creative Enterprise (PACE) programme was established in 2015 as a joint initiative between Guildhall and the Barbican with the aim of training visionary, socially engaged, multi-disciplinary, autonomous artists.

Of Shadow and Light – a title inspired by a line from June Jordan’s poem Big City Happening – is a richly diverse festival of innovative, poetic and politically resonant performance works, created and performed by the graduating PACE class of 2021.

Following their performance, each artist will be in conversation live from Guildhall School with Naomi Nathan, Programme Co-ordinator for PACE.

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All Of Shadow and Light images on this page by Ali Wright

Content Info
Festival age guidance: 16+. Please note some of these student-devised performances contain strong language and adult themes and content, as detailed below.

Access Info
The festival performances and introductions will be captioned, and the post-performance Q&As will be BSL interpreted

Festival Line Up:

Visit this page at the dates and times below to enjoy this free online festival broadcast.

Wednesday 16 June, 6pm

Zoey’s Birthday

Elisa Tombazis

On the day of her 21st birthday party, Zoey realises she’s not quite ready to be a real adult. But an unexpected guest might just change her mind…

This uplifting dramedy aims to serve as a reminder to be courageous, to take things one step at a time, one day at a time, one bite at a time… and just keep moving.

A Piece of the Universe

Esra Jackson

A solo performance piece, incorporating music, acting and movement, which hones in on the topic of loneliness and its effects.


Wuraola Atanda

An experimental musical experience aiming to expand the inclusivity of meditative music and make the act of meditating less daunting. It presents conversations like, “what is meditation, and what is meditative music?”

Through this experience, viewers will be encouraged to feel forms of meditation whilst listening on headphones, allowing one to move freely or not in the environment one feels most comfortable.

This performance contains strong language and flashing lights.

Thursday 17 June, 6pm

Remember the End?

Jasperi Wirtanen

A live performance of Jasperi’s hauntological folk EP, exploring society’s weakness for nostalgia and the danger it brings. Featuring an orchestral backing and theatrical performance, this film is the first in a series from Jasperi of multi-media art exploring wider themes of fascism.

Queer Tales From Inside Your Closet

Marlowe Mitchell

A film exploring horror subgenres through a queer perspective, reclaiming monstrousness, isolation, and violence.

This performance contains flashing and strobe lighting, mild body horror and depictions of queerphobia.

Friday 18 June, 6pm

What Will I Tell My Children?

Riwa Saab

This piece of documentary theatre remembers the summer of 2006 in Lebanon from the perspective of people who were around six years of age at the time. Using performance, verbatim audio and shadow puppetry, the piece asks the question “how can we centre ourselves in the narrative to change the way we talk about politics and break the cycle of generational trauma?”

This performance contains descriptions of war, explosions and themes of suicide.

Shadows of a Strong Woman

Nikisha Reyes

A multimedia project involving music, acting, singing bowls and spoken word, touching on themes of identity, representation and emotional wellbeing.

Directed, produced, and written by Nikisha Reyes, this project features a gospel choir and classical music performances by Guildhall’s African Caribbean Society.

This performance explores themes of mental health, including anxiety around identity, cultural appropriation and isolation.