Your September issue of the magazine is winging its way over the Estate right now.  I must admit that it feels dystopian to be writing about all the great articles and news we have in the magazine, given current reporting from Afghanistan, but I’m praying that there is stronger hope for those still there by the time you turn these pages.

We have a few major shout-outs in this issue to take special note of:

Firstly, we say goodbye to Joyce Nash OBE who passed away earlier this year.  As fellow Aldersgate councillor Jeremy Mayhew recalls, it was with respect and affection that she became Auntie Joyce and/or Mother of the Court during her tenure.  Many a new councillor would learn the ropes from Joyce “to understand the mysteries of the Corporation” (as one councillor put it) and she would offer wise and independent advice to all the young blood.  We’ve included a snippet from a tribute which Jeremy prepared for an official thank you to Joyce from the City on her retirement.  Judy George, her great friend, relates that Joyce very much enjoyed the recording when she played it back!

Next, we have a countdown for St Bartholomew the Great celebrating a 900th birthday in 2023.  The Parochial Church Council are embarking on a campaign to raise funds to preserve this heritage site and to support a long-term musical programme.  A series of information events are planned.

Lastly and thrillingly, Nuffield have almost completed their revamp of the (previously Virgin Fitness) gym opposite Barbican tube and they have a special offer for residents ahead of the opening.

Onto other treats now and we have TWO competitions for you in this issue:  entries are still open for the Nicola Lee Christmas card (a design or an image), and we have a brand spanking new competition worth £300 (open to our younger photographers, for the backdrop image on the BA membership cards for next year.  Good luck!

Resident and London Blue Badge guide Erin Summers continues her chats with our fascinating fellow Barbican dwellers in an interview with Asude Tarlaci all about fun to be had with spirits and her journey from Turkey to our concrete home.

Suzy Waite looks back at spring and summer in the Barbican Wildlife Garden and, in conversation with Francis Pugh, talks about how its wildlife meadow has thrived this year.  Looking at lifeforms which aren’t so obviously visible, Julien Waite grabs us for a dive into (true) bugs.

Restaurants are back open and in full bloom too; we pay a visit to an old favourite and a newer local.

Peter Savage strolls the streets, but not too far this time, and delves into the history of The Barbican Frieze.  I feel ashamed that I’ve hardly noticed it before but what a story!

Exhibitions and theatre are warmly welcomed back; Janet Wells and Gary Donaldson take full advantage and preview some of the exhibitions, theatrical and dance productions which are on the go over the next few months.

With all best wishes for an awesome autumn and do stay well!

The Barbican Life Team

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