Eight million disposable nappies are thrown away every day – that’s an incredible three billion each year! The Recycling Team is pleased to offer parents who live within the City of London the chance to receive up to £54.15 cash-back towards the cost of purchasing real nappies or using a real nappy laundry service.

Why choose real nappies over disposables?

Save money…The average baby gets through 5,000 disposable nappies from birth until being potty trained, which costs parents between £700 and £1,000! Research shows parents could save anywhere from £150 to well over £1000 by using real nappies and this saving increases when they are used on a second and third child.

Better for baby…Real nappies could also be better for your baby. Components of disposable nappies include plastics, adhesives and absorbing chemicals, which could react with babies who have sensitive skin.

Better for the environment…With estimates of 3 billion disposable nappies being thrown away each year, along with all the raw materials required to create these nappies, the cost of disposing them is excessive as well. Even using one real nappy instead of a disposable nappy every day could save 730 nappies from being disposed of – from just one baby!

What are real nappies like?

Modern versions of cloth nappies are widely available, and come in a large variety of shapes and styles, and lots of attractive colours and materials. They are made from natural fibres and organic options are available. If you don’t want to wash them yourself, there are plenty of nappy laundry services to choose from.

For more information on using real nappies, where to find trial kits, and advice from other users of real nappies, please visit www.realnappiesforlondon.org.uk.

For the £54.15 cashback scheme please contact the Recycling Team at City of London to request an application form: recycling@cityoflondon.gov.uk                            020 7606 3110