The Barbican Association was founded in 1969 as the residents’ association for the Barbican Estate which comprises approximately 2,000 homes.  About 60% of residents are members. Its work is managed by volunteers  through the Association’s General Council which consists of 9 elected members and one representative from each affiliated House Group.

As the recognized  tenants’ association we seek to represent residents’ views to the freeholder and manager of the Estate, the City of London. There are sub-committees covering specific areas such as planning, communications and security. The Association produces two quarterly publications, the BA Newsletter and Barbican Life, both of which are delivered free of charge across the Estate.

Since the formation of the Residents Consultation Committee in 2004, whose formal remit is to represent the residents in their dealings with their landlord, the RCC and the BA have agreed that the RCC will take the lead responsibility in any matters that affect residents in their relationship with their landlord. That leaves the BA to concentrate on representing residents on all other issues that affect them – planning, licensing, etc. The BA does still have role in representing residents’ views to the freeholder and manager of the estate because it is formally represented on the RCC. Both committees also have members in common, and their aim is to work together in the interests of residents.

The association’s influence depends on the size of its membership, so if you are not already a member, please join now.

A full up to date contact list may be found on the Contents page of the latest issue of Barbican Life magazine on this website, or on the Barbican Association’s own website