Bastions 12 (top) and 11A with adjacent wall

Bastions 12 (top) and 11A with adjacent wall

Bastions 12, 11A and adjacent wall by Barbican Lake are to undergo conservation work, which will also include local damming of the Lake to access parts of the wall submerged below water.

The work is planned for July until November 2014 and is to be carried out by Cliveden Conservation, the same specialist conservation contractor who has been working on the nearby Bastion 13.

The work represents continuation of the conservation programme of the Roman & Medieval London Wall remains started at Bastion 14 in 2011 and continued at Bastion 13.

The work is being implemented by the City Surveyor on behalf of the City of London Corporation who is responsible the monument’s upkeep.

The construction site will include the garden in front of the two bastions and therefore residents’ access to this area will be prohibited at points 1, 2 and 3 on the plan below.

The conservators will maintain their current welfare unit by Mountjoy House and generally use access 1 to enter the site.

The deliveries including scaffolding will be from Wood Street via St Giles’ Terrace (access 2).

londonwalldiagramPlease find attached the Bastion12&11Aconservation document in pdf format.