If any renovations have been carried out in your apartment, whether by you or the previous owners, and you find yourself without the necessary official sign-off documents, don’t worry; the District Surveyor’s Office at Guildhall is assisting me in creating a comprehensive checklist of the required sign-offs for various types of refurbishments. While these documents are primarily necessary for selling purposes, and some sellers don’t care, it’s prudent to be proactive and complete the necessary paperwork beforehand.

As an example, I have been investigating what paperwork I kept for our Garchey removal in 2014.  The Garchey team had a file and a tick for Landlord Permission given, and they produced a letter in short shrift which said as much but added the recommendation to seek Building Control permission.  Hubby dutifully went online to apply because this is now a case of going onto a government website and filling in a form which is built for a developer rather than a homeowner.  We paid the £180 to kick the form into gear and I’ll keep you in the loop.

Lease Extension Information Sessions

Let us know if you are interested and we’ll send you invites (email barblifeedit@gmail.com).  If you have questions and don’t enjoy Zoom or email, please contact us and we’ll share what we know to get you started.  Phone 078 42 23 52 68 or drop in a note with your contact details to 15 Defoe House and we’ll call you back.

Salvage Store

Currently in need of sinks, taps, electric sockets and switches so please contact barbicansalvage@gmail.com if you are having any work done and can donate.



Marco Fugaccia at Hurford Salvi Carr: The healthy demand we experienced at the ends of 2023 has most certainly cascaded into the New Year. With many lending sources now offering far more favourable rates, it is giving buyers a much-needed confidence boost and we have registered an extensive number of motivated and proceedable buyers keen to find a home in the Barbican.  We are experiencing exceptional interest for best-in-class homes and I expect this to be a continuing trend as we move into Spring. Our much anticipated “Research Document” an honest and analytical analysis of our local markets in The City, Midtown and East London, as well as predictions for the coming year, is now released https://lnkd.in/e7pWdpqx.  For any further information please feel free to email marco.fugaccia@h-s-c.co.uk


Nicola Lee at Nicola Lee Limited: It’s early spring and the sales market has come alive; we are busy with viewings, and many more sales are being agreed. We have already seen an increase in traffic on our website this year, and I feel optimistic about sales in the coming year.   The higher Barbican service charges are not deterring buyers  – and likewise mortgage increases are now accepted as a fact of life. Interest rates will hopefully remain stable for the rest of 2024.


Tina Evans at Frank Harris:  We’ve had a very busy start to the year, with most of our stock under offer, with a good number of new buyers registering looking for predominantly larger properties and two bedrooms. We had two amazing sales go through in Gilbert House, a top floor one bedroom selling at £1.4million and a top floor  three bedroom selling at a record price. Buyer sentiment is positive with mortgage rates softening, we have seen multiple offers on a number of our properties sold recently.  The busy spring market is upon us early this year.


Glen Cook of Hamilton Brooks: A very good start to the New Year, 2 Tower apartments under offer and best bids on a type 20 & 21, mostly due to lack of stock. We did not get the good news we were hoping for the Bank of England, but the good news is the mortgage market is factoring in a drop in interest rates in the middle of year, so the outlook is the most positive it has been for over 18 months. Increased service charges has not dampened demand which is more good news, lack of apartments to sell is main hurdle, but I guess if you love the Barbican why sell!


Nick Scott at Scott City: The mortgage rates having dropped and stabilised have helped the sales market with buyers returning and more confidence generally in the market.  A good start to the New Year has seen more new stock come available in the City. The Barbican being its own micro climate is still seeing buyer confidence reflecting in the recent sales on the Estate.  We have a shortage of Barbican flats for sale and with continuing demand we are achieving good prices. If you’re considering selling please contact nick@scottcity.london 



Lindsay Lee at Nicola Lee Limited: The rental market has been busy of late, and we have a high number of enquiries – especially for one-bedroom flats and above. We are gearing up for another busy spring and summer.  If you are thinking about letting your property, or if you would like more information about Barbican and Golden Lane lettings in general, please don’t hesitate to get in touch as we are, as ever, happy to offer advice on this.

Glen Cook of Hamilton Brooks:  The Barbican has never been a Buy to Let destination for the main stream buyers, which is why supply is so low. This has given rises in rental levels up to 50% from two years ago, something to bear in mind during rental renewals, we can help with that. Demand remains very strong with 50/80 enquires per flat as they come onto the market!

Nick Scott at Scott City:  Demand for rental property has remained high and the outlook continues very positive for the Spring. High rental prices reflect the shortage of property available. We’re very short of rental stock throughout the City and especially the Barbican where tenants are prepared to pay  premium prices for quality apartments  jack@scottcity.london