Advice from Caroline Rugman at Charterhouse Physiotherapy who has a few suggestions to  help anyone who is working from home, as poor posture and inactivity can create all sorts of issues.

Sit-to-Stand desks are helpful, which can benefit breathing control, posture, digestion and clearer thinking -try IKEA or
Swiss balls can be fun, and most outlets would sell for under £35 (remember you will need a pump). Excellent for core workouts / exercising and can be used in place of a chair. Try Amazon or A good working chair would be one that can swivel and rise up and down. Adjust arms to fit correct height and you can purchase a good second hand chair at

Separate keyboards for a laptop would be advised, and if possible, an ergonomic keyboard purchased. Try Microsoft Natural Ergonomic keyboard 4000 (UK layout) from Amazon, approx. £40. My Practice Manager Suzanne uses this one!

Remember work breaks – every 30 mins take 2-5 mins off to stretch, work out on the Swiss Ball or deep breathing and walk around.
We offer currently telephone / video consultations so if you might be interested please call Caro on 07971 833443, where she can offer advice and work though an exercise programme for you.
Lastly, we would like to highlight our continuing work in clinic of Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapy, which is beneficial as a general treatment (gentle repetitive massage), but mainly for conditions of lymphoedema / lipoedema. Cancer patients benefit greatly from this treatment and Caro Rugman, our practice owner and therapist (qualified in 2012), worked at the Royal Free Hospital in the Cancerkin clinic twice monthly.

Treatment of MLD can also include fitting of compression garments and regular exercise advice; especially swimming. In some cases, bandaging is also recommended prior to wearing compression garments. SLD (self/simple lymphatic drainage) can be taught so that the patient can self-treat with similar modified massage.

We would be happy to hear from you anytime for enquiries at our City clinic 020 7606 2435 (answer machine is checked daily) or mobile number 07971 833443. Email is or

All the best,
Caroline Rugman, MCSP, Chartered Physiotherapist,
Charterhouse Physiotherapy, Pilates & Lymphoedema Clinic