Tuesday 21 February to Friday 10 March  

Open Daily 11am to 4pm and until 6pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays. If travelling far, call Jake on 07766 202 731 to check we aren’t unexpectedly closed.

Flash Sale and other prices
On Wednesday 8 March we’ll have a flash sale with books in the area under the organ loft going for just £1 each. Other books £3/£4 for paper/hardbacks (respectively) unless otherwise marked.

We have no plans to increase prices in the near-term having done so last year. We mostly did so for two reasons:
– For nearly 20 years we didn’t keep up with inflation so as to avoid making things complicated.
– Our volunteers now invest a lot more time in the fair, improving the choice, sorting and appearance. In addition to serving the community and recycling, their aim is to raise money towards maintaining the medieval church so that everyone, religious or otherwise, can enjoy the wonderful space. Balancing these things and trying to ensure our volunteers’ time is well spent, we’ve arrived at our current prices which, whilst not so cheap, are (we feel) still a bargain.

We are as ever very grateful to all those who donate and buy the books, CDs, etc. Please contact karenmurraylee@hotmail.com if you’d like to volunteer.