There’s still time to take in the new exhibition by Ian Berry (runs 16-30 November) and the fact that some of the pieces portray the iconic Barbican buildings and their surrounds. Ian works entirely in denim to produce some very unusual and unique effects.

Ian says: ‘I love the Barbican building and it seems like most of the occupants have similar taste and like mid-century modern furniture, even though it was built after that time.


‘I like the way the complex is laid out as well as people’s individual apartments. There seems to be a community there, people know one another. It’s a good compromise, really urban living in such a desirable location with some of the best views of London I’ve ever seen.’


His depiction of urban life in London stretches from east to west, taking in everything from launderettes to houses and apartments.


Ian is an artist to watch, voted one the 30 artists under 30 by Art Business News magazine, he is now 32 and this is his first exhibition since he won that accolade. GQ and The Observer magazine have both covered the upcoming show and BBC London news has been filming there.

Ian’s exhibition is at Gallery Different, 14 Percy St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1DR until 3pm on 30th November. 10am-6pm Mon-Sat, 12.30pm-6pm Sun.