A new website for a close neighbour…

Earlier this year in May, the Cobalt Building in Bridgewater Square launched its very own website – cobaltmanagementlimited.co.uk – built by local Priya Shah.  

We caught up with Priya and asked her about her motivation for building the website.  She explained that she wanted to showcase the Cobalt Building in its own right as often the smaller residential blocks get dwarfed by the Barbican Estate.  She had seen this happen often, especially during her tenure over the last 7 years as a director of the Cobalt Building’s resident management company.

She also wanted to highlight the rich history of the area and researched this using online historical archives and maps, reading academic papers and contemporary books written at the time and speaking with long-term Barbican resident Fred Rodgers.  This led to the creation of the History page of the website which shows a timeline of how Bridgewater Square has evolved since the Roman times around 100 AD to what it is today.  

Priya enjoyed having the freedom to create this unique responsive website by coding it from scratch rather than using an off-the-shelf package. Not restricting herself with pre-programmed options, she was more easily able to match the look and feel of the website with the physical building.  

Do you have a web project in mind? 

Whether you’re dreaming of a stunning website for your project or seeking a dynamic online presence, Priya welcomes your inquiries.  

Reach out to her at 07775691776 or priyashah9@hotmail.com.

Many of you may know Priya from her invigorating Yoga and Pilates classes at Nuffield Barbican. She’s taking on a new challenge – conquering Mount Kilimanjaro! But there’s more: she’s doing it for a cause close to her heart, raising funds for Parkinson’s UK. Extend your support through her JustGiving page – visit JustGiving.com and search for “Priya’s fundraiser for Parkinson’s UK “.  Your contribution will be an invaluable part of this incredible journey and we wholeheartedly wish Priya the best of luck on this.