The ‘Whitecross Street Party’ and its larger than life street art exhibition ‘Rise of the Non Conformists’ started way back in 2010 when a small team of disorganisers took inspiration from the local dissenter’s graveyard. This hallowed ground where William Blake’s spirit was laid to rest provides the perfect setting for the event which encourages peaceful non-conformists to rise once again.

The lively weekend party and two month exhibition is choreographed and curated by St Luke’s Community Centre and artist Teddy Baden, with the support of the London Borough of Islington, and is one of London’s most unique street art experiences. It’s been providing London with that rare cocktail which can only be made with interactive community spirits, mixed with a heavy splash of urban art and a large dash of the unexpected. Not to forget a very large self-deprecating cherry on top!

Whitecross Street Party

It’s a brilliant family-friendly event for both the avid art lover and those that like something a bit different. If you have the desire, come dressed even more silly or weirdly as you do usually and don’t forget – ‘be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind’.

The street party is this weekend – Saturday 19th July – Sunday 20th July 2014, while the six week street exhibition is from 19th July – 12th Septemper 2014. You’re invited to a massive twenty first century street party. This means you can expect all the delights of an old school street party with ouzels of community goodwill, but without the ration books and with lots more to boot. The six week exhibition is actually on the street and on top of the buildings.

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