Artists Olly and Nick are bringing their fun story exchange community workshop to the Square Mile next week.

Feel like you’ve made memories and built a connection with/in the City of London?

They would love to create a gathering of those who have lived, worked, made or watched art in this unique place to exchange those stories!

For the past six years take stock exchange have been working in boroughs throughout East London, and now they have teamed up with
Culture Mile to run a project here.

They’re trying to engage as broad and diverse a collection of groups of people to work with from within the area that makes up the Square/Culture Mile as possible, and so they are inviting you to an open access workshop!

The workshop will take the form of a structured conversation, where people will share their thoughts, feelings and experiences of the area – and listen to others doing the same – in a gentle and enriching process that never fails to be fascinating.

The project gives you a chance to express yourself, but also to hear from other people, understand their experiences a little better, and have reason to feel a greater sense of belonging to the City of London area.

People taking part will develop a sense self-esteem and empathy – an awareness and understanding of the lives of others.

Dates of the project – Thursday 14th November – Barbican – 7pm – 9pm
Interested? Sign up ->